I am hoping that each of us will find meaning in our own lives during this chaos, cultivate our micro garden, literally and metaphorically. I hope that everyone will work on building their knowledge, competence, and realize that having digital skills nowadays is the power. And that being an independent thinker who possesses critical thinking skills with inner vertical of creativity, empathy, ethics, integrity and humility that contributes to the society and the community, is a superpower.

That is what I am hoping for in the future.

Working towards progress

What a trying time for all of us, but progress has been made. The trustees and other community workers have been busy visiting a few people this week. We have been informing them about our New up-coming.project that involves the whole community. Finding out what changes they would like to see in the upcoming year ahead .

The Elders have been given questionaires to fill to measure the impact of providing digital equipment to all by 2022.

We have had a huge responses, now we await the changes.

Our Collaboration with 21 Charities across London, working together for better outcomes

West Indian Association of service personnel

UBELE  - Michael Hamilton

Friends of the heart foundation   - Monica Tulloch

Croydon Caribbean credit union - Faith Coker jarrah

Lignum vitalize - Angela Newby and Valerie Stewart

Association of Jamaicans UK - Vivien Whitter and Pauline Allard

Brixton Immortal limited - Mervin Stewart

Raffa - Angela Clarke

Enfield Caribbean association - Ove McInnis and Paul riddle

African Caribbean medical Association -Dr Emelie

The Jamaica society and friends - Reading Annette Levy

Friends of the heart foundation Jamaica - Lorna Green

Reach Society - Professor. Donald Palmer

Association of Jamaica UK - Donald Douglas

Kariba Centre,     Elaine, Manager

Jamaican Diaspora UK,      Dr Kevin Brown


Meet the Mayor and Mayoress of Harrow

Ghazanfar Ali  who kindly accepted our invitation

Bannister Sports Center Harrow London

See more pictures in Events and our Gallery 29/08/21

Our Mission Statement

We endeavour to be the gateway to independent living for the elderly/disabled  and their families who take care of them; guiding these people to the support and providing services available to them so they can achieve their goals.

We aim to be person centred, developing self esteem  to enable them to make informal choices .

We'll strive to meet the needs of the disabled and elderly people; facilitating the creation of relationships in the community in which they reside and vow to nurture the community with the appropriate support system, assistance and equipment.

Jamaican Elderly Disabled Charitable Trust/UK gives back

 'To ensure that the most vulnerable  and those at risk groups, are safe and equiped with suitable aids to live a more comfortable life.



  • To relieve the elderly and disabled resident in Jamaica, who are in need, by providing specially designed adapted housing, items, services and facilities calculated to relieve the needs of such persons.
  • To relieve the elderly and disabled resident in England NW10, from exclusion and isolation amongst their communities, by providing, services and facilities designed to assist those  in need.


  • Home Adaptations for the elderly and disabled who live in wooden/ galvanised homes.
  • Creating employment for skilled workers within the community to assist  us with our work.
  • A mini bus for excursions,  taking them from home to our centre
  • A building for activities, i.e. board games, information day,
  • Outdoor Space.
  • Restbite for family,/friends who take care  of them.
  • A Befriending service in London

Who Benefits

Older people who are frail over the age of 65 years and have mobility problems  or who are living in particular isolated areas with limited or no transport are usually priortised 


Respite to family members/ friend who take care of their elders.


Our Vision 

We aim to promote social inclusion  among disabled and older people, who are or maybe socially excluded  due to disability or age by:

Increasing  the opportunities for independent living available to disabled and older persons.

Assisting disabled and older persons to make choices, and access the service  and support they may require to live independently in the community with appropriate support.

Supporting and empowering disabled and older persons so they can carry out social  roles without limitation, and otherwise preventing the social exclusion of  disabled and older persons.

Why is it important to protect those affected by Covid19

The impact of the coronavirus has extended far beyond those who have become infected. Entire communities now face emergency lockdowns, and in Italy alone, over 16 million people have been quarantined in an attempt to prevent further spread of the disease.

With such a staggering number of people in quarantine and more becoming sick, needs quickly mount. Everything from basics, like food to financial assistance to pay for things like rent is urgently needed as people experience lost wages due to illness or quarantine restrictions. For those who are already sick, medical bills have become an additional burden.

In countries like Jamaica, where not everyone may have access to insurance, financial help for the coronavirus is desperately needed to ensure people don’t avoid seeking treatment or testing because they don’t have insurance. However, even in countries with universal healthcare, the sheer surprise of this new threat has led to a huge push to raise money for coronavirus for growing demands for medical supplies and equipment.

As the threat of this disease grows and puts further strain on communities, here are a few things we can all consider doing to provide some relief:

Check on each other daily

Make a telephone call 

Stay at home if possible

Wash your hands regularly  

Wear face coverings

Visit our Facebook page

Registered Charity, England and Wales 1186029