We're working to make sure the response to Covid-19 meets everyone's needs and rights

Our Charity has Changed its name to:

Jamaican Elderly Disabled Charitable Trust/UK

We believe that a good and strong society is a just and inclusive one. where we are free from harm and can all contribute and flourish, whoever we are.


Equally Ours (previously the Equality and Diversity Forum) is a UK charity that brings together people and organisations working across equality, human rights and social justice to make a reality of these in everyone’s lives.


We understand the problems that prevent us from being the best society we can be, and shape the policy solutions that will get us there.


We do this by promoting dialogue and collaboration between equality and human rights researchers, policymakers, civil society organisations and funders. We translate research into recommendations for practical changes to policy and practice. And we share up-to-date research with anyone who needs it

We influence decision makers to advance evidence-based policy solutions that will create a just and inclusive society, with and on behalf of our members.


We bring our Trustees together, providing a platform to engage, network, share learning and discuss equality and human rights issues in depth. And we help us to find common ground and speak with one voice on shared policy solutions. 



We find out what the public thinks and feels about social issues and why, and find ways of talking about them to make them matter. 


This powerful evidence-based, values-led approach to communications draws on frame theory and behavioural insight.


There are four strands to our strategic communications work: audience insight research; frame and message development and testing; campaign and content creation; and building the capacity of civil society to communicate and campaign for change. 






We Promote Equality & Diversity

Our focus is helping the most vulnerable overcome Isolation and exclusion and experience fullness of life.

We help elders of ethnic backgrounds, who also live in the UK in NW10 area of London where I originally resided. 

 This is the time of unprecedented uncertainty across the globe, it is hard to know how everything will plan out, but in the meantime please keep safe, and most of all, have faith.  Inspired by our Christian faith. Together we can protect older people today for a better tomorrow.

Helping older people live long and healthy  independent lives is the key aim of our charity. We will transform the way people get one to one care outside the usual care system already in place.

people have already told us what matters most is;

  • Staying healthy, active and independent for as long as possible
  • Getting access, so people can live how they choose
  • Having support from professionals who understands their needs
  • Tailored support
  • Supported to manage long term

Together we can protect older people

The larger customer base is older people, and those with a disability. Their families are the first who will expect to plan and develop a lifestyle  for their elder relative,

There is resistance to personalisation among this group, who perceive a threat to permanance in their loved ones support Arrangements, to and who do not believe that greater independence and acceptance is possible.

Our charity will help to solve these problems of demand for personalisation by:

Giving support to connect to mainstream opportunities and developing relationships outside of the social care world, and demonstrating to families this is possible .




Here we are:  The JEDCT Trustees


Eternity Moncrieffe (BSc Hons) Human Resource Management and is originally from the UK. Heritage:  Jamaican/Montserratian. her role is: Administrative Secretary

Maxine Duffus, - A Jamaican national;  but resides in England. experienced in working with the elderly and disabled, her role in the organisation: Admin Assistant

Jennifer Gerald    (BA. Hons) Business Studies, is the founder of the charity, originally from the UK. Heritage:  Montserratian.  The Charity was built up via personal savings and we continue to do so, with your help to grow!

Conrad  Powell

Jamaican heritage, started out in community work for young people and a chair person for a housing co-operative. Conrad is also been trained as a shop steward, workers rep for two major unions. In his spare time Clive runs a radio station online and is actively involved in fundraising for community projects, we welcome Conrad into the charity and look forward to sharing ideas and keeping things moving.

Make a change in someone's life today!!!!

Move with us Jamaican Elderly Disabled Charitable Trust

The Charity received UK Registration in October 2019 and  Registration in Jamaica 15th March 2020. We are very happy with the progress so far, keep your donations coming and watch out for more information.

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Registered Charity, England and Wales 1186029